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Classification of wine: Quiz


Question 1: A form of Rosé is called ________ where the juice of red grapes are allowed contact with the skins for a very short time (usually only a couple of hours).
Sparkling wineWineChardonnayChampagne (wine)

Question 2: [6] The Declaration was signed in July 2005 by four United States winegrowing regions and three ________ winegrowing regions.
DenmarkEuropean ParliamentGermanyEuropean Union

Question 3: The list of signatories to the agreement expanded in March 2007 when Sonoma County, Paso Robles, ________, Tokay, Victoria, Australia and Western Australia signed the Declaration at a ceremony in Washington, DC.

Question 4: A varietal wine is wine made from a dominant grape such as a Chardonnay or a ________.
Cabernet SauvignonSangioveseChilean wineMerlot

Question 5: Examples of semi-sparkling synonym terms are ________ in Italy, Vino de Aguja in Spain and Petillant in France.
Champagne (wine)Chenin blancSparkling wineChardonnay

Question 6: [12] When a wine bottle is opened and the wine is exposed to oxygen, a fermentative process will transform the alcohol into ________ resulting in wine vinegar.
Acetic acidEthanolHydrogen peroxideBoric acid

Question 7: In the ________ a wine needs to be composed of at least 75% of a particular grape to be labeled as a varietal wine.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 8: ________ are often sweeter, and generally more alcoholic wines that have had their fermentation process stopped by the addition of a spirit, such as brandy, or have had additional spirit added after fermentation.
Dessert wineFortified wineSherryMadeira wine

Question 9: Cooking wine typically available in North America is treated with salt as a preservative and ________.
Food chemistryFood additiveE numberFood coloring

Question 10: Historically, wines have been known by names reflecting their origin, and sometimes style: Bordeaux, Rioja, Mosel and ________ are all legally defined names reflecting the traditional wines produced in the named region.


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