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Question 1: The ________ came into its own as a musical form, and the concerto was developed as a vehicle for displays of virtuoso playing skill.
Symphony No. 3Symphony No. 5SymphonySymphony No. 1

Question 2: For example, the use of counterpoint and fugue, which is considered characteristic of the Baroque era, was continued by ________, who is classified as typical of the Classical period.
Joseph HaydnHaydn and MozartWolfgang Amadeus MozartLudwig van Beethoven

Question 3: [14] Later in the period, early versions of keyboard instruments like the ________ and harpsichord began to appear.
ClavichordJohann Sebastian BachPipe organBaroque music

Question 4: Development of individual tones and scales was done by ancient Greeks such as Aristoxenus and ________.

Question 5: Another consequence of the primacy of the composer's written score is that improvisation plays a relatively minor role in classical music, in sharp contrast to traditions like ________, where improvisation is central.
JazzDixielandAmerican popular musicBlues

Question 6: Simple ________ existed, but were largely confined to churches, although there were portable varieties.
Organ (music)Baroque musicPipe organClassical music

Question 7: It is in this time that the notation of music on a staff and other elements of ________ began to take shape.
Classical musicMusical notationMusic theoryMusical scale

Question 8: Electric instruments such as the ________ appear occasionally in the classical music of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Bass guitarLead guitarElectric guitarElectric Guitar Design

Question 9: [11] Polyphonic (multi-voiced) music developed from monophonic chant throughout the late ________ and into the Renaissance, including the more complex voicings of motets.
High Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesMiddle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 10: The Classical period, from about 1750 to 1820, established many of the norms of composition, presentation and style, and was when the ________ became the predominant keyboard instrument.
Percussion instrumentPianoTimpaniVibraphone

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