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Question 1:
Classical conditioning, Milgram experiment and Stanford prison experiment are all:
Behaviorism Russian inventions Learning History of psychology

Question 2: Classical conditioning (also Pavlovian or respondent conditioning, Pavlovian reinforcement) is a form of associative learning that was first demonstrated by ________.
EmotionIvan PavlovPsychologyCognitive neuroscience

Question 3: ________, founder of behaviourism, demonstrated classical conditioning empirically through experimentation using the Little Albert experiment in which a child ("Albert") was presented with a white rat (CS).
Developmental psychologyPsychologyWilhelm WundtJohn B. Watson

Question 4:
Classical conditioning, Reinforcement and Attention are all:
Behavioral concepts Learning Russian inventions History of psychology

Question 5:
Classical conditioning, Behaviorism and Operant conditioning are all:
Learning Russian inventions Behaviorism History of psychology

Question 6:
Classical conditioning, Periodic table and Chromatography are all:
Learning Behaviorism Russian inventions History of psychology

Question 7: Popular forms of classical conditioning that are used to study neural structures and functions that underlie learning and memory include fear conditioning, ________, and the foot contraction conditioning of Hermissenda crassicornis.
Middle cerebellar peduncleCerebellumEyeblink conditioningInferior olivary nucleus

Question 8:
Classical conditioning, Critical thinking and Learning are all:
Learning History of psychology Russian inventions Behaviorism


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