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Question 1: Archaeological evidence indeed shows first traces of settlement at the Roman Forum in the mid 8th century BC, though settlements on the ________ may date back to the 10th century BC.
Palatine HillRomeComitiumAventine Hill

Question 2: Thebes sought to maintain its position until finally eclipsed by the rising power of ________ in 346 BC.
Ancient GreeceMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the GreatClassical antiquity

Question 3: ________ (Japan, 710 CE – 794 CE)
Nara periodHeian periodKofun periodAsuka period

Question 4: The seventh and final king of Rome was ________.
Lucius Tarquinius PriscusLucius Tarquinius SuperbusServius TulliusEtruscan civilization

Question 5: The ________ was the central area around which ancient Rome developed.
ColosseumComitiumRostraRoman Forum

Question 6: Ultimately, though, it was a slow, complex, and graduated change in the socioeconomic structure in European history that led to the changeover between ________ and Medieval society and no specific date can truly exemplify that.
Greco-Roman worldClassicsRoman EmpireClassical antiquity

Question 7: Significant advances are made in the sciences (geography, astronomy, mathematics etc.), notably with the followers of Aristotle (________).
Virtue ethicsThomismPhronesisAristotelianism

Question 8: Then the Theban generals ________ and Pelopidas won a decisive victory at Leuctra (371 BC).
Corinthian WarSpartaEpaminondasAgesilaus II

Question 9: ________ (Japan, 400 BCE– 250 CE)
Kofun periodYayoi periodAsuka periodYoshinogari site

Question 10: In architecture, there have been several ________, which seem more inspired in retrospect by Roman architecture than Greek.
Gothic Revival architectureGreek Revival architectureNeoclassical architectureEgyptian Revival architecture


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