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Classical Latin: Quiz


Question 1: Instead, Tiberius brought about a "sudden collapse of letters." The idea of a decline had been dominant in English society since ________'s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
DeismEdmund BurkeEdward GibbonDavid Hume

Question 2: Good Latin in philology is "classical" ________.
Ancient Rome and wineLatin literatureClassical LatinMedieval Latin

Question 3: The Golden Age is divided by the assassination of ________.
Lucius Cornelius SullaPompeyRoman RepublicJulius Caesar

Question 4:
What family does Classical Latin belong to?

Question 5:
What region does Classical Latin belong to?
North East England
mare nostrum
West Midlands

Question 6: ________ (86 BC — 34 BC), historian
PompeySallustJulius CaesarCicero

Question 7: Lucius ________ Platonicus (123/125 AD — 180 AD), novelist
AlgeriaApuleiusThe Golden AssBerber people

Question 8: Gaius Octavius Caesar (63 BC — 14 AD), ________, Emperor, public man, poet, autobiographer
Roman EmperorTiberiusDomitianAugustus

Question 9: ________ (15 BC — 19 AD), royal family, imperial officer, translator

Question 10: The topic remained at that point while interest in the classici scriptores declined in the medieval period as the best Latin yielded to ________, somewhat less than the best by classical standards.
Late LatinVulgar LatinLatin literatureMedieval Latin


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