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Question 1: Thus, when Phillip attacked and captured ________ in 357 BC, Athens declared war on Macedonia.

Question 2: In 492 BC, the Persian general, Mardonius led a campaign through Thrace and Macedonia and while victorious, he was wounded and forced to retreat back into ________.
Turkish peopleIstanbulAnatoliaTurkey

Question 3: Based on the support of Lysander, Agesilaus became the Eurypontid king as ________ and proceeded to expel Leotychidas from the country and took over all of Agis' estates and property.
Agesilaus IIDemosthenesAlcibiadesAlexander the Great

Question 4: In early 410 BC, Alcibiades led an Atheneian fleet of eighteen ________ (ships) against the the Persian-financed Spartan fleet at Abydos near the Hellespont.
Ancient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsTriremeThemistocles

Question 5: The energetic leadership within Macedon began in 359 BC when ________ was made regent for his nephew, Amyntas.
AntipaterAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Philip II of Macedon

Question 6: In addition, the naval fleet of around 1,200 ships which accompanied Mardonius on the expedition was wrecked by a storm off the coast of ________.
GreeceThessalonikiHosios LoukasMount Athos

Question 7: For six more years, Sparta fought the allied city/states of Thebes, Corinth, Athens and Argos in the ________ (395 BC to 387 BC).
Ancient Greek warfareCorinthian WarPeloponnesian WarGreco-Persian Wars

Question 8: Thus, ________ concludes his history of the Greek world at this point, in 362 BC.
PlatoXenophonAlexander the GreatDemosthenes

Question 9: An outbreak of plague in the city during the siege caused heavy losses, including that of ________.

Question 10: However, the Phocians defeated Phillip at the ________.
Third Sacred WarBattle of Crocus FieldRise of MacedonPhilip II of Macedon


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