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Question 1: Class conflict refers to the underlying tensions or antagonisms which exist in ________ due to conflicting interests that arise from different social positions.
Political philosophyDemocracyJürgen HabermasSociety

Question 2: ________
Hundred Years' WarByzantine EmpirePopular revolt in late medieval EuropePeasants' War

Question 3: Weber states that power differences led to the formation of ________ [6].
Parliamentary systemIdeologyPolitical partyPolitics

Question 4: Class conflict is a term long-used mostly by socialists, ________, and many anarchists define a 'class' by its relationship to the 'means of production'--such as factories, land, and machinery.
SocialismCommunist stateMarxismCommunism

Question 5: One of the earliest analyses of the development of class as the development of conflicts between emergent classes is available in ________'s Mutual Aid.
Nestor MakhnoHarry Kelly (anarchist)Mikhail BakuninPeter Kropotkin

Question 6: While Marx believes that groups are similar due to their economic status, Weber argues that classes are largely formed by ________ [6].
Social classSocial mobilitySocial statusAchieved status

Question 7: These arguments describe as a class the ________ stratum formed by the ruling political party (known as the Nomenklatura in the Soviet Union)--sometimes termed a "new class".
Executive (government)BureaucracyLawCivil society

Question 8: Max Weber agrees with the fundamental ideas of Marx about the ________ causing class conflict, but claims that class conflict can also stem from prestige and power [6].
MercantilismEconomyEconomicsKeynesian economics

Question 9: It can be open, as with a lockout aimed at destroying a labor union, or hidden, as with an informal slowdown in production protesting low wages or ________.
National Labor Relations BoardUnfair labor practiceCollective bargainingNational Labor Relations Act


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