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Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: Quiz


Question 1: Proponents argued that "magnet jurisdictions" such as ________ were rife with abuse of the class action procedure.
Edwardsville, IllinoisGranite City, IllinoisMadison County, IllinoisAlton, Illinois

Question 2: Critics charge that this bill makes it far more difficult to bring class action suits, and may prolong such ________, clogging the federal courts' dockets.
LawsuitDefault judgmentPleadingAnswer

Question 3: Business groups and ________ supporters had lobbied for the legislation, arguing that it was needed to prevent class-action lawsuit abuse.
Product liabilityTort reformNegligenceCommon law

Question 4: Reduce "forum-shopping" by plaintiffs in friendly state courts by expanding federal ________ to class actions where there is not "complete diversity" giving federal jurisdiction over class actions against out-of-state defendants.
Federal-question jurisdictionErie doctrineDiversity jurisdictionRemoval jurisdiction

Question 5: Critics charged that the legislation would deprive Americans of legal recourse when they were wronged by powerful ________.
Corporate lawCorporationCompanyCompanies law


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