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Question 1: Public ________ can be used to inspect or alter such private data.
Pointer (computing)Mutator methodObject-oriented programmingClass (computer science)

Question 2: For example, in ________, each object and class is an instance of NSObject.
D (programming language)Vala (programming language)C (programming language)Objective-C

Question 3: A method, or instance method, is a ________ (function) with a special property that it has access to data stored in an object (instance).
C (programming language)SubroutineAssembly languageProgramming language

Question 4: ________ includes the Common Lisp Object System.
Common LispPerlC (programming language)Lisp (programming language)

Question 5: This example shows a simple ________.
Canterbury CorpusComputerHello world programProgramming language

Question 6: Rather than writing code to repeatedly call a ________ (GUI) window drawing subroutine on the terminal screen (as would be typical for structured programming), it is more intuitive.
Graphical user interfaceX Window SystemWidget toolkitDesktop environment

Question 7: Subclassing is different from ________ in that subtyping deals with common behaviour whereas subclassing is concerned with common structure.
Object (computer science)List (computing)Algebraic data typeSubtype polymorphism

Question 8: If multiple inheritance is allowed, this hierarchy is a ________ (or DAG for short), otherwise it is a tree.
Directed acyclic graphGraph (mathematics)Topological sortingPartially ordered set

Question 9: The abstraction of the class methods to be implemented by the subclasses is meant to simplify ________.
Software designComputer programmingSoftware developmentSoftware testing

Question 10: Abstract classes are superclasses which contain ________ and are defined such that concrete subclasses are to extend them by implementing the methods.
Object-oriented programmingClass (computer science)Java (programming language)Method (computer science)


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