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Question 1: Soon after moving into his Pentagon office, Clifford persuaded Johnson to deny General ________'s request for an additional 206,000 American troops in Vietnam.
Lyman LemnitzerGeorge MarshallWilliam WestmorelandDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 2: Indeed, before Clifford left office, the Johnson administration made arrangements for negotiations that eventually led to the ________ of 1972.
Mutual assured destructionAnti-Ballistic Missile TreatyNational missile defenseStrategic Defense Initiative

Question 3: An audit by Price Waterhouse revealed that contrary to agreements between First American's nominal investors and the ________, many of the investors had borrowed heavily from BCCI.
United States dollarCentral bankGreat DepressionFederal Reserve System

Question 4: He got along well with the ________, and this helped him to secure approval of at least some of his proposals.
United States Senate111th United States Congress110th United States CongressUnited States Congress

Question 5: Clifford was a key architect of Truman's campaign in 1948, when he pulled off a stunning upset victory over Republican nominee ________.
Thomas E. DeweyCharles Evans HughesTheodore RooseveltLevi P. Morton

Question 6: Clifford also believed that a strong pro-civil rights stance, while sure to alienate traditional ________, would not result in a serious challenge to the party's supremacy in that region.
Democratic Party (United States)Southern DemocratsLyndon B. JohnsonConservative Democrat

Question 7: Clifford's office overlooked the ________, emphasizing his long experience in the capital.
White HouseWashington, D.C.President's ParkUnited States Capitol

Question 8: Clifford made waves by threatening the newly-established regime of Ayatollah Khomeini of ________ with war for its intransigence in negotiating the release of the hostages seized from the U.S.
IranIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijanIraq

Question 9: Soon the North Vietnamese agreed to negotiations, which began in ________ in mid-May 1968.
MarseilleParisÉvry, EssonneVersailles

Question 10: Clifford was born in ________.
Fort Scott, KansasBourbon County, KansasFulton, KansasRedfield, Kansas


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