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Question 1: Special fingerings may be used to play ________ and other microtonal intervals.
MillioctaveQuarter toneSavartCent (music)

Question 2: This instrument was similar to a ________, but with a single-reed mouthpiece and a cylindrical bore.
RecorderOboeCor anglais (English horn)Bassoon

Question 3: The clarinet was invented in ________ by Johann Christoph Denner around the turn of the 18th century, by adding a register key to the earlier chalumeau.

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Clarinet have?
English National Rugby Union Captain
Bb Clarinet reed and mouthpiece.
Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A.

Question 5: [23] ________ use a tapered internal bore to overblow at the 8th (octave) when its thumb/register hole is pinched open while the clarinet, with its cylindrical bore, overblows on the 12th.
Cor anglais (English horn)RecorderBassoonOboe

Question 6:
What format does Clarinet follow?

Question 7:
What mountain range is Clarinet a part of?

Question 8: The homogeneity of tone across the different members of the clarinet family produces an effect with some similarities to a human ________.
ChoirBaroque musicOperaMass (music)

Question 9: [23] On ________ and larger clarinets, the bell curves up and forward, and is usually made of metal.
Clarinet concertoBass clarinetClarinet choirBasset horn

Question 10: [1] This involves more keywork than is necessary on instruments which "overblow" at the octave — oboes, flutes, ________, and saxophones, for example, which need only twelve notes before overblowing.
BassoonOboe d'amoreCor anglais (English horn)Contrabassoon

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