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Question 1: It is suspected that Clairmont’s parents were never married and that her mother had adopted the name Clairmont to disguise the fact that her children, Clara and Charles, were ________.
AdulteryAnnulmentMarriageLegitimacy (law)

Question 2: Godwin had a daughter, Mary, who was eight months older than Clairmont, and a stepdaughter ________.
Fanny ImlayMary WollstonecraftPercy Bysshe ShelleyWilliam Godwin

Question 3: He arranged to have Allegra delivered to his house in ________ and agreed to raise the child on the condition that Clairmont keep her distance from him.

Question 4: Her mother was well-educated and co-wrote children's primers on Biblical and ________ history along with Godwin.
Ancient RomeClassicsRoman EmpireClassical antiquity

Question 5: The Aspern Papers by ________ is based on the narrator's attempts to gain ownership of these items.
New York EditionEnglish literatureHenry JamesThe Ambassadors

Question 6: She contrived to send Clairmont to ________ for a time, thus providing the equally volatile and emotionally intense Clairmont, who was known as "Jane" when she was a child, with more formal education than her stepsisters.
Public school (privately funded)Private schoolBoarding schoolUniversity-preparatory school

Question 7: She paid for Clairmont to travel to her brother's home in ________ where she stayed for a year, before relocating to Russia, where she worked as a governess from 1825 to 1828.

Question 8: The group left Byron in Switzerland at the end of the summer and returned to ________.
ScotlandUnited KingdomWalesEngland

Question 9: Who drew the heart of this frail ________
Towards thine own; till, wrecked in that convulsion
Alternating attraction and repulsion
Thine went astray and that was rent in twain.
Big BangUniverseTimeRedshift

Question 10: [2] She returned to England in 1828, but remained there only a short while before departing for ________, where she was employed as a companion and housekeeper.

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