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Question 1: The ________-filtering Daphnia has an eye of only 22 ommatidia, while the carnivorous Evadne and Leptodora have 80 and 300, respectively.
PhytoplanktonPrimary productionPlanktonZooplankton

Question 2: On the forehead is an unpaired ________, a result of two fused eyes, and, in most species, a simple naupliar eye.
EyeBrainNervous systemSensory system

Question 3: Cladocera or cladocerans are small ________ commonly called water fleas, part of the Class Branchiopoda.

Question 4: They form a monophyletic group, which is currently divided into four suborders, 14 families, 87 genera, and about 400 ________.
SpeciesBiological classificationEvolutionLife

Question 5: The most commonly known genus is ________ (freshwater water fleas), which is the most researched in this group; Daphnia is commonly used to test the toxicity of chemicals in solution or for water pollution.


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