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Question 1: In most cases, the actual ancestor is a hypothetical rather than an actual species, as the likelihood finding a ________ of the ancestral species is slim.
FossilPaleontologyGeologic time scaleGeology

Question 2: [note 1][2] The ancestor can be an organism, ________, or species.
OverpopulationPopulation growthWorld populationPopulation

Question 3: With the publication of Darwin's theory of evolution in 1859, taxonomy gained a theoretical basis, and the idea that systematic units represent branches on the evolutionary ________ was born.
Tree of lifeMesoamerican world treeWorld treeTree worship

Question 4: In biological systematics, a clade (from ________ κλάδος, klados, "branch") signifies a single "branch" on the "Tree of life", a group composed of a single ancestor and all its descendants.
Attic GreekDoric GreekAncient GreekAeolic Greek

Question 5: Three methods of defining clades are featured in ________: node-, stem-, and apomorphy-based:
CladisticsBiological classificationPhylogenetic nomenclatureBird

Question 6: Clades are found using multiple (sometimes hundreds) of traits from a number of species (or specimens) and analysing them ________ to find the most likely phylogenetic tree for the group.
Regression analysisMathematical statisticsProbabilityStatistics

Question 7: Typical examples include bony fishes, who include the ancestor of tetrapods, and reptiles, ancestral to both ________ and mammals.
EnantiornithesArchaeopteryxModern birdsBird

Question 8: When it comes to naming, cladistics and ________ are not always compatible.
Biological classificationSpeciesOrganismLinnaean taxonomy

Question 9: Phylogenetic systematics, an introductory slide-show on evolutionary trees ________
University of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity of California, IrvineStanford University

Question 10: In ________ (which takes its name from the term), clades are the only acceptable units.
CladisticsPhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsGhost lineage


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