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Question 1: In ________, siding or cladding may refer to the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements, or for aesthetic purposes.
Civil engineeringConstructionStructural engineeringBuilding services engineering

Question 2: In ________, cladding is the outer layer of the fuel rods, standing between the coolant and the nuclear fuel.
UraniumPlutoniumNuclear powerNuclear reactor technology

Question 3: In ________, cladding is the bonding together of dissimilar metals.
MiningMetallurgyArchaeologyMaterials science

Question 4: It is distinct from ________ or gluing as a method to fasten the metals together.
WeldingGas metal arc weldingArc weldingGas tungsten arc welding

Question 5: The cladding causes light to be confined to the core of the fiber by ________ at the boundary between the two.
Snell's lawOptical fiberRefractionTotal internal reflection

Question 6: Regarding ________ in telecommunication, cladding is one or more layers of material of lower refractive index, in intimate contact with a core material of higher refractive index.
OpticsOptical fiberGlassTransparency and translucency

Question 7: The ________ uses cladding to manufacture coins from different metals.
Dollar coin (United States)United States dollarUnited States MintPenny (United States coin)

Question 8: Cladding is often achieved by ________ two metals through a die as well as pressing or rolling sheets together under high pressure.
Sheet metalDrawing (manufacturing)ExtrusionSoldering


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