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Question 1: The Barbary pirates thus had no need to rebel against the ________, who were their nominal state government, to gain recognition for their sovereignty.
Ottoman EmpireTurkeyTurkish peopleIstanbul

Question 2: A comprehensive studies of civil war was carried out by a team from the ________ in the early 2000s.
World Bank GroupInternational Monetary FundBretton Woods systemWorld Bank

Question 3: [23] For example, the formation of the modern states of ________ and Italy in the nineteenth century is closely associated with the wars of expansion and consolidation led by Prussia and Sardinia, respectively.

Question 4: Among the rare states profitable at decolonization was India, to which scholars credibly argue that Uganda, Malaysia and ________ may be included.
Guinea-BissauMozambiqueAngolaCape Verde

Question 5: The ________ do not specifically define the term "civil war".
Human rightsInternational humanitarian lawGeneva ConventionsUniversal jurisdiction

Question 6: The power of non-state actors resulted in a lower value placed on ________ in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, which further reduced the number of civil wars.

Question 7: "What makes a civil war?", ________, 20 April 2006
BBC News (TV channel)BBC Cymru WalesBBC TelevisionBBC News

Question 8: The two major global ideologies, monarchism and ________, led to several civil wars.
DemocracyAuthoritarianismGottfried LeibnizJohn Locke

Question 9: The ________ civil authority must exercise de facto authority over the population within the determinate portion of the national territory.

Question 10: [28] Similarly, the international community has largely refused to recognize secessionist regions, while keeping some states such as ________ and Taiwan in diplomatic recognition limbo.


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