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Question 1: At the Norwegian Institute of Technology (now the ________), the tradition with a NTH Ring goes back to 1914, before the Canadian iron ring.
Ghent UniversityNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyPolytechnic University of ValenciaUniversity of Bergen

Question 2: This is because the higher educational system is not fully adopted to the international standard graduation system, since it is treated as a ________.
Terminal degreeDoctor of MedicineFirst professional degreeAcademic degree

Question 3:
What type is thing is Civil engineer?

Question 4: Traditionally, students were required to pass an entrance ________ on mathematics to start civil engineering studies.
Test (student assessment)MaturaItalyGermany

Question 5: In the United States, most civil engineers practice in particular specialties of civil engineering, such as geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, highway engineering, hydraulic engineering, ________ or environmental engineering.
Retaining wallVibration controlEarthquake engineeringSeismic retrofit

Question 6: In many countries, civil engineers are subject to ________.
LicensureBachelor's degreeAcademic degreeFirst professional degree

Question 7: In some places, a civil engineer may perform ________; in others, surveying is limited to construction surveying, unless an additional qualification is obtained.
DamCivil engineeringInventions in medieval IslamSurveying

Question 8: Over time, various branches of engineering have become recognized as distinct from civil engineering, including ________, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, while much of military engineering has been absorbed by civil engineering.
Chemical engineeringBiological engineeringMaterials scienceEnvironmental Engineering Science

Question 9: The formation of the civil engineer has a strong ________ and scientific base and is more theoretical in approach than the practical oriented industrial engineer (ing.) educated in a four-year program at a polytechnic.
GeometryMathematicsMathematical logicSet theory

Question 10: This exam was abolished in 2004 for the ________, but is still organised in the French Community.
BrusselsFlemish RegionHainaut (province)Flemish Community


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