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Civics: Quiz


Question 1: On smaller scales, modern human development theory attempts to unify ethics and small-scale politics with the urban and rural ________ of sustainable development.
Keynesian economicsMoneyHeterodox economicsEconomics

Question 2: The history of civics dates back to the earliest theories of civics by Confucius in ancient ________ and Plato in ancient Greece.
Religion in ChinaChinaProvince (China)Time in China

Question 3: This extreme advocacy of decentralization is hardly uncommon, and leads to the minimal theory of civics - ________.
AnarchismNoam ChomskyIndividualist anarchismHenry David Thoreau

Question 4: Within a given political or ethical tradition, civics refers to educating the ________.
Honorary Canadian citizenshipLawCitizenshipAncient Greece

Question 5: Thus ________ is itself properly a civic problem.
World governmentASEANKyoto ProtocolInterpol

Question 6: These traditions in general have led to modern distinctions between the West and the East, and two very different concepts of right and justice and ________ in public life.

Question 7: Of special concern are the choice of a form of government and (if this is any form of ________) the design of an electoral system and ongoing electoral reform.
DemocracyAuthoritarianismGottfried LeibnizJohn Locke


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