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City limits: Quiz


Question 1: Property which within city limits is subject to city taxation and city ________, and expects city services.

Question 2: An ________'s limits separate it from being in any county at all.
Independent cityCapital districts and territoriesMunicipalityTown

Question 3: Areas outside of any city's limits are considered to be unincorporated, and in most ________ they are by default regulated and taxed by the county.
ConnecticutMassachusettsColoradoU.S. state

Question 4: In the case of larger cities such as ________ (pop.

Question 5: The term city limits (or city boundary) refers to the defined boundary or ________ of a city.
European UnionSchengen AreaUnited StatesBorder

Question 6: ________ and health departments are also common county responsibilities which include all cities.
ElectionElectoral reformReferendumGerrymandering

Question 7: City, town, and village limits are not usually coterminous with post office locations or ZIP codes/ postal codes, and the USPS and ________ even considers some places to be "unacceptable" for use on mail.
Canada 2c Large Queen on laid paperBluenose (postage stamp)Canada Post stamp releases (2000–2004)Canada Post

Question 8: Town limits were often a radius from a ________, and several still remain this way.
High-speed railCommuter railTrain stationTram

Question 9: It is customary to indicate city limits with the posting of signs on major ________, highways, and arterial roads.
Toll roadFreewayExpresswayMotorway

Question 10: If a city chooses to have its own emergency services, they only have jurisdiction within the city limits, except for mutual aid (typically among fire departments) in case of ________.
Business continuity planningNatural hazardDisasterInternational Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction

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