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Citroën GS: Quiz


Question 1: The GS was designed "in house" by Robert Opron and was controversial — a ________ layout was considered too utilitarian by CEO Pierre Bercot, but was introduced later with the arrival of the GSA.
HatchbackAutomobileSedan (automobile)Station wagon

Question 2: Citroën decided the car was too similar to the 1965 ________ and in 1967 Project F was suspended, but many of the mechanical components continued to "Project G", which became the GS.
Renault 18Renault 16Renault MéganeRenault 5

Question 3: ________, the East German party leader, maintained a fleet of the larger CX model and several Volvos.
Willy BrandtHelmut KohlErich HoneckerWalter Ulbricht

Question 4: The GS was voted ________ for 1971, and was probably the most technologically advanced car in its class when launched,[3] with class leading comfort, safety and aerodynamics.
VolkswagenOpel CorsaFiatEuropean Car of the Year

Question 5: This was driven by the "puissance fiscale" taxation system which, at that time in France, linked car tax rates directly to ________.
Engine displacementOverhead valveIgnition systemTwo-stroke engine

Question 6: The body style was as a "Berline" (essentially a saloon, three lateral windows), in a ________ style with a sharp Kamm tail.
Chevrolet VegaStation wagonHatchbackFastback

Question 7: The GS was also available, from September 1971[4], as a break (estate) and a similar two-door "service" ________.
Vauxhall MotorsVanPickup truckMinivan

Question 8: The GS filled the enormous gap in Citroën's range, between the 2CV and Ami ________ and the luxurious DS.
VolkswagenHot hatchEconomy carVolkswagen Beetle

Question 9: This combined with the development costs and new factory for the DS-replacing ________, the 1974 oil crisis, and an aborted Wankel rotary engine, led Citroën to declare bankruptcy in 1974.
Citroën C4Citroën CXCitroën C6Citroën C5

Question 10: Contemporary journalists remarked at the smooth ride quality — the ________ suspension is designed to absorb bumps and ripples that would be uncomfortable in a conventionally-sprung car with just a slight body movement.
Citroën DSCitroënHydropneumatic suspensionCitroën CX

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