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Citizen journalism: Quiz


Question 1: ________ • Magazines • News agencies • Broadcast • Online • Photojournalism • Alternative media
DefamationMedia biasNewspaperNews media

Question 2: Simultaneously, journalism that was "by the people" began to flourish, enabled in part by emerging internet and networking technologies, such as weblogs, chat rooms, ________, wikis and mobile computing.
Instant messagingE-mailInternet forumUsenet

Question 3: News • Writing style • Ethics • Objectivity • Values • Attribution • ________ • Editorial independence • Education • Other topics
DefamationFalse lightFair commentHazing

Question 4: In 2004, when the 9.1-magnitude underwater earthquake caused a huge ________ in Banda Aceh Indonesia, news footage from many people who experienced the tsunami was widely broadcast.
MegatsunamiPhysical oceanographyTsunamiSeiche

Question 5: During the 2009 Iranian election protests the microblog service ________ played an important role, after foreign journalists had effectivley been "barred from reporting"[17].

Question 6: From ________ to 1997, he directed the Project on Public Life and the Press, funded by the Knight Foundation and housed at NYU.

Question 7: [6] From this perspective, ________ itself is the largest and most successful citizen journalism project, with news often breaking through Wikipedia editors, and stories being maintained as new facts emerge.
German WikipediaWikipediaEnglish WikipediaUrdu Wikipedia

Question 8: List of Participatory News Media sites at the ________.
Life (magazine)Open Directory ProjectJim BarksdaleTime Warner

Question 9: Collaborative and contributory media sites (Slashdot, ________, Newsvine)
Kuro5hinAdvogatoInternet forumPC Magazine

Question 10: The site recently launched for ________.
Alexandria, VirginiaArlington County, VirginiaNorthern VirginiaFairfax County, Virginia

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