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Citation: Quiz


Question 1: A bibliographic citation is a reference to a ________, article, web page, or other published item.

Question 2: Electronic documents may have a ________ (DOI).
Uniform Resource IdentifierUniform Resource NameDigital object identifierHandle System

Question 3: The ________ utilizes a modified form of the Chicago Style laid out in their Publishing Style Guide
Franz BoasAmerican Anthropological AssociationEdward SapirAnthropology

Question 4: Citations of books may include an ________ (ISBN).
United KingdomInternational Standard Book NumberUnited StatesInternational Standard Serial Number

Question 5: Broadly, a citation is a ________ to a published or unpublished source (not always the original source).
SemanticsReferenceAbsent referentEncyclopedia

Question 6: [1] Different citation systems and styles are used in scientific citation, legal citation, prior art, and the arts and the ________.
Performing artsSocial sciencesHumanitiesFine art

Question 7: The ASA style of American Sociological Association is one of the main styles used in ________ publications.
SociologySystems theoryTalcott ParsonsSocial structure

Question 8: The style of the American Psychological Association, or ________, published in The Style Manual of the APA, is most often used in social sciences.
CitationReferenceAPA styleParenthetical referencing

Question 9: Illustrated examples, generated using ________, of several major styles, including more than those listed above.

Question 10: See The MLA Style Manual and ________, particularly Citation and bibliography format.
The Elements of Typographic StyleThe MLA Handbook for Writers of Research PapersStyle guideThe Elements of Style


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