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Question 1: Transleithania, the lands of the ________ in the Dual Monarchy, lay to the east across the Leitha river.
History of HungaryAdministrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungaryKingdom of HungarySrijem County

Question 2: In the Reichsrat (with 353 members in 1873 and 516 in 1907) was played out a nationalist struggle between Germans and the Slavs of the Empire, especially the ________.
PragueSlovakiaCzech RepublicCzechs

Question 3: Cisleithania (German: Cisleithanien, Hungarian: Ciszlajtánia, Czech: Předlitavsko) was a name of the Austrian part of ________, the Dual Monarchy created in 1867 and dissolved in 1918.
Holy Roman EmpireAustria–HungaryOttoman EmpireGerman Empire

Question 4: Equal, direct, secret and universal ________ for men was introduced in 1907.
Women's suffrageSlaveryUniversal suffrageSuffrage

Question 5: The ________ name Cisleithania derives from the Leitha river[1] - most of its territory lay west (or on "this" side, from an Austrian perspective) of it.
Old LatinRoman EmpireVulgar LatinLatin


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