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Cirrus cloud: Quiz


Question 1:
What genus does Cirrus cloud belong to?

Question 2: Streaks may appear straight when wind shear is absent, giving the clouds the appearance of a comma (cirrus uncinus), or tangle, an indication of high-level ________.
TurbulenceReynolds numberFluid dynamicsDrag (physics)

Question 3: Many cirrus clouds produce hair like filaments made of the heavier ________ crystals that precipitate from them.
Precipitation (meteorology)WaterSnowIce

Question 4: A large shield of cirrus and cirrostratus typically accompany the high altitude outflow of ________ or typhoons.
Tropical cycloneRainEye (cyclone)Tropical cyclone basins

Question 5: Cirrus clouds trap and reflect infrared radiation (heat) beneath them (greenhouse effect), but also reflect sunlight to some extent (________).
Global coolingGlobal warmingAlbedoGlobal dimming

Question 6: Cirrus clouds have also been observed developing after the persistent formation of ________ from an aircraft.
FogChemtrail conspiracy theoryContrailFunnel cloud

Question 7: [5] Cirrus clouds can also be the remnants of a ________.
Severe weatherPrecipitation (meteorology)ThunderstormMeteorology

Question 8: These "fall streaks", a form of virga, often indicate the difference in the motion of air (________) between the upper part of the cirrus cloud and the air below it.
MeteorologyThunderstormWind shearWind gradient

Question 9: [1] At this altitude, aircraft leave ________ that can turn into cirrus clouds.
Chemtrail conspiracy theoryContrailFogFunnel cloud


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