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Question 1: The circumference of a ________ can be calculated from its diameter using the formula:
CircleGeometryConic sectionPi

Question 2: The circumference of an ellipse is more problematic, as the exact solution requires finding the ________.
Trigonometric functionsJacobi's elliptic functionsElliptic integralHypergeometric series

Question 3: In ________ the circumference of a graph refers to the longest cycle contained in that graph.
Graph theoryFour color theoremClique problemGraph coloring

Question 4: This can be achieved either via numerical integration (the best type being ________) or by one of many binomial series expansions.
Chebyshev polynomialsIntegralGaussian quadratureGauss–Kronrod quadrature formula

Question 5: The circumference is the distance around a closed ________.
Algebraic geometryCurveManifoldElliptic curve


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