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Circle of latitude: Quiz


Question 1: It divides the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the ________.
MozambiqueSouth AfricaMaldivesSouthern Hemisphere

Question 2: A location's position along a circle of latitude is given by its ________.
RWMHBG (time signal)LongitudeDCF77

Question 3: ________ (23° 26′ 16″ N)
20th parallel north25th parallel northCircle of latitudeTropic of Cancer

Question 4: Similarly, the Antarctic Circle marks the northernmost latitude (in the ________) at which the sun can remain continuously above or below the horizon for 24 hours.
MaldivesSouth AfricaSouthern HemisphereMozambique

Question 5: A circle of latitude, on the ________, is an imaginary east-west circle connecting all locations (not taking into account elevation) that share a given latitude.

Question 6: A circle of latitude is perpendicular to all meridians at the points of intersection, and is hence a special case of a ________.
Mercator projectionRhumb lineMap projectionStereographic projection

Question 7: ________ (66° 33′ 44″ N)
65th parallel northArctic Circle70th parallel north60th parallel north

Question 8: It is for this reason that an airplane traveling between a European and North American city that share the same latitude will fly farther north, over ________ for example.
AzoresMadeiraFaroe IslandsGreenland

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