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Ciprofloxacin: Quiz


Question 1:
How is Ciprofloxacin excreted?
70-90% unchanged in urine, 1.3ml/kg/min t1/2 2- 4 hours
Biliary, renal

Question 2: The mechanism for this interaction is believed to be due to a ________ increased antagonism of GABA neurotransmission.
MDMALysergic acid diethylamideSynergy5-Hydroxytryptophan

Question 3: [93][94] ________, commonly known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), (also referred to as increased intracranial pressure), has been reported to occur as a serious adverse reaction to ciprofloxacin.
Amaurosis fugaxHydrocephalusMigraineIdiopathic intracranial hypertension

Question 4:
What is the molecular weight of Ciprofloxacin?
269.345 g/mol
Approximately 27.2 kDa
344.248 g/mol

Question 5: [125] ________, which manufactures Cipro, Avelox and Proquin XR, issued a Dear Healthcare Professional letter on October 22 concerning these changes.

Question 6: The Committee on the Safety of Medicines and the FDA warn that ________ adverse effects, including seizure risk, may be increased when NSAIDs are combined with quinolones.
Central nervous systemNeuronGrey matterWhite matter

Question 7: [105] Ciprofloxacin can reduce ________ plasma levels, which may, in some cases, result in seizures.

Question 8: Ciprofloxacin is also considered to be contraindicated within the pediatric population (except for the indications outlined under licensed use above), pregnancy, nursing mothers, and in patients with ________ or other seizure disorders.
Generalised epilepsyLafora diseasePartial seizureEpilepsy

Question 9: Current or past treatment with oral ________ is associated with an increased risk of achilles tendon rupture, especially in elderly patients who are also taking the fluoroquinolones.
MineralocorticoidSex steroidGlucocorticoidCorticosteroid

Question 10: [6] The first nine months of 2008 sales for Ciprofloxacin were $242 million, as compared to $324 million for Bayer ________.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugAspirinDiclofenacIbuprofen

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