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Question 1: Cinnarizine could be also viewed as a ________ drug because of its vasorelaxating abilities (due to calcium channel blockage), which happen mostly in brain.

Question 2: It is also effectively combined with other nootropics, primarily ________; in such combination each drug potentiate the other in boosting brain oxygen supply.

Question 3: Cinnarizine (Stugeron, Stunarone) is an antihistamine which is mainly used for the control of nausea and vomiting due to ________.
AirsicknessMotion sicknessSeasicknessDecompression sickness

Question 4: Cinnarizine was first synthesized by ________ in 1955.
Johnson & JohnsonTibotecJanssen PharmaceuticaEthicon Inc.

Question 5: Cinnarizine can be used in scuba divers without an increased risk of ________ oxygen toxicity.
White matterCentral nervous systemNeuronGrey matter

Question 6: It acts by interfering with the signal transmission between vestibular apparatus of the inner ear and the vomiting centre of the ________.
Pineal glandPosterior pituitaryPituitary glandHypothalamus

Question 7: Vomiting in motion sickness is actually a physiological compensatory mechanism of the ________ to keep the individual from moving so that it can adjust to the signal perception.
BrainDigestionNervous systemSensory system

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