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Cinema of Romania: Quiz


Question 1: As a result, the director of the Bucharest branch of the Gaumont-________ studio, Raymond Pellerin, announced the premiere of his film Războiul din 1877-1878 (The 1877-1878 War), scheduled for 29 December 1911.
ParisMarseilleÉvry, EssonneVersailles

Question 2: The approximately 250 movie theatres then in existence in ________ could not even generate the amount of money needed for one film, with profits out of the question.

Question 3: On 2 September 1912, at the Eforie cinema, the largest movie theatre in ________, the premiere of Independenţa României took place.

Question 4: It was self-produced in ________ by Constantin Tănase.

Question 5: His Majesty Ferdinand I was filmed on the front, together with the generals Constantin Prezan and ________, while Queen Marie was filmed in hospitals, easing the suffering of patients.
Ion AntonescuConstantin ArgetoianuTake IonescuAlexandru Averescu

Question 6: Construction was also begun on a studio and completed with difficulty due to the start of ________.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IISoviet occupations

Question 7: The appearance of ________ opened a new stage in the development of world cinema, by implication in the weak cinema of Romania as well.
Warner Bros.PhonofilmSilent filmSound film

Question 8: American critics, previously rarely interested in Romanian cinema, were especially enthusiastic about the film; it received a 93 percent of reviews categorized by ________ were positive.
Toy StoryNews CorporationLos AngelesRotten Tomatoes

Question 9: The majority were "Romanian versions" of foreign films produced in Paris, Prague or ________ studios with a few Romanian technicians and some Romanian actors.

Question 10: Starting in 1906, in Macedonia, the ________ Manakia brothers made a career with their social and ethnographic themed actualities (A.N.F.).
Aromanian languageRomanian languageIstro-Romanian languageEastern Romance languages


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