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Cimmerians: Quiz


Question 1: Later Cimmerian remnant groups may have spread as far as to the ________.
DenmarkNordic countriesNorwayScandinavia

Question 2: These describe how a people termed the Gimirri helped the forces of Sargon II to defeat the kingdom of ________.
UrartuArmenian languageArmeniaArmenians

Question 3: It is unlikely that either Proto-Celtic or Proto-Germanic entered Europe as late as the 7th century BC, their formation being commonly associated with the Bronze Age Urnfield and ________ cultures, respectively.
Aegean civilizationsBronze Age BritainAbashevo cultureNordic Bronze Age

Question 4: Other Cimmerians: Cimmerian, founder of ________
RantMediaCyberpunkVancouverHunter S. Thompson

Question 5: Ancient ________ Kamboja,Saka, Sakha
Kushan EmpireIndo-GreeksIndo-ScythiansWestern Satraps

Question 6: Premodern historians asserted Cimmerian descent for the Celts or the Germans, arguing from the similarity of Cimmerii to ________ or Cymry.
CimbriJulius CaesarGermanic peoplesHelvetii

Question 7: Some modern authors assert that the Cimmerians included ________, whom the Assyrians knew as Khumri, who had been resettled there by Sargon.
Angolan Civil WarMercenaryPrivate military companyZimbabwe

Question 8: They are in a style clearly different from both the later ________ and the earlier Yamna/Kemi-Oba stelae.
Iranian peoplesSlavic peoplesSarmatiansScythians

Question 9: Herodotus thought the Cimmerians and the Thracians closely related, writing that both peoples originally inhabited the northern shore of the ________, and both were displaced about 700 BC, by invaders from further east.
Mediterranean SeaAegean SeaBlack SeaBaltic Sea

Question 10: The fall of Sardis was a major shock to the powers of the region; the Greek poets Callinus and ________ recorded the fear that it inspired in the Greek colonies of Ionia, some of which were attacked by Cimmerian and Treres raiders.


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