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Cimabue: Quiz


Question 1: Cimabue was commissioned to paint two very large frescoes for the ________.
CataniaItalyRomeBasilica of San Francesco d'Assisi

Question 2: While he was at work in Florence, Duccio was the major artist, and perhaps his rival, in nearby ________.
San GimignanoItalySienaPienza

Question 3: Peter and John the Baptist" at the ________ in Washington, DC was painted by Cimabue or one of his students around 1290.
Washington, D.C.Modern artNational Gallery of ArtHermitage Museum

Question 4: In the Lower Church of Saint Francis in ________ is an extremely important fresco, depicting The Madonna and Christ Child enthroned with angels and Saint Francis.

Question 5: Another sadly-damaged work is the great ________ of Santa Croce at Florence.
CrucifixOrthodox ChurchAnglicanismChristianity

Question 6: 1302) also known as Bencivieni di Pepo or in modern Italian, Benvenuto di Giuseppe, was an Italian painter and creator of mosaics from ________.

Question 7: History has long regarded Cimabue as the last of an era that was overshadowed by the ________.
ItalyItalian WarsItalian Renaissance arts and cultureItalian Renaissance

Question 8: He is also well known for his student Giotto, considered the first great artist of the ________.
Italian RenaissanceItalian WarsItalian Renaissance arts and cultureItaly

Question 9: In Canto XI of his Purgatorio, ________ laments Cimabue's quick loss of public interest in the face of Giotto's revolution in art:[3]
Pope John Paul IIPeter AbelardDante AlighieriCatholic Church

Question 10: They are on the walls of the transepts: a ________ and a Deposition.
CrucifixionTortureDecapitationCapital punishment


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