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Ciliary muscle: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, cilia means upper eyelid and is perhaps a back formation from supercilium, meaning eyebrow.
Old LatinLatinRoman EmpireVulgar Latin

Question 2: The other way around, relaxation of the ciliary muscle causes the zonular fibers to become taut, flattening the lens, increasing the ________,[9] increasing long range focus.
Digital photographyFocal lengthHolographyAperture

Question 3: [3] The term cilia originated a few years later in 1705–1715, and is the ________ plural of cilium meaning eyelash.
Contemporary LatinNew LatinVulgar LatinRenaissance Latin

Question 4: These postganglionic fibers are part of cranial nerve V1 (ophthalmic branch of the ________).
Otic ganglionTrigeminal nerveMaxillary nerveMandibular nerve

Question 5: Forms from the mesoderm within the choroid[6] and considered a cranial ________ derivative.
NeuroectodermEmbryologyNeurulationNeural crest


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