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Question 1: They are attached to the lens by connective tissue called the zonule of Zinn, and are responsible for shaping the lens to focus ________ on the retina.

Question 2: One of the most essential roles of the ciliary body is the production of the aqueous humor, which is responsible for providing most of the nutrients for the lens and the ________ and involved in waste management of these areas.
ScleraCorneaRetinaIris (anatomy)

Question 3: It is the main target of drugs against ________ (apraclonidine), as the ciliary body is responsible for aqueous humor production; lowering aqueous humor production will cause a subsequent drop in the intraocular pressure.

Question 4: The ciliary body is the circumferential tissue inside the eye composed of the ________ and ciliary processes.
Iris dilator muscleIris sphincter muscleCiliary muscleSclera


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