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Question 1: Later in ________ and Qing Dyansties, the ci, or rather the cipai, are classified for the number of characters it dictates.
Tang DynastyMing DynastyHan DynastySong Dynasty

Question 2: The form was further developed in the Tang Dynasty, and was most popular in the ________.
Yuan DynastyHan DynastyMing DynastySong Dynasty

Question 3: Ci (simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: ________: , interchangeable with 辭) is a kind of lyric Chinese poetry.
ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-8PinyinISO/IEC 646

Question 4: Ci most often express feelings of desire, often in an adopted persona, but the greatest exponents of the form (such as Li Houzhu and ________) used it to address a wide range of topics.
Shen KuoSong DynastyTang DynastySu Shi

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