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Churches of Christ: Quiz


Question 1: In keeping with their history, Churches of Christ claim the ________ as their sole rule of faith and practice in deciding matters of doctrine and ecclesiastical structure.
JesusGospelBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 2: During the late 19th century, the prevailing view in the Restoration Movement was that the ________ currently acts only through the influence of inspired scripture.
Holy SpiritApostle (Christian)New TestamentJesus

Question 3: Most members of the Churches of Christ live outside the ________.
AlaskaPhilippinesUnited StatesCanada

Question 4: [10]:124 These lost souls can be redeemed because ________, the Son of God, offered Himself as the atoning sacrifice.
New TestamentJesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospel

Question 5: Churches of Christ have historically practiced ________ music in worship services.
Collegiate a cappellaA cappellaThe Sing-OffBoyz II Men

Question 6: [82]:418[83]:133,134 With the national leadership located in ________, during the 1980s it commonly became known as the "Boston movement".
DenverPhoenix, ArizonaBostonMassachusetts

Question 7: [62]:737 These are scripture (hermeneutics), the church (________) and the "plan of salvation" (soteriology).
Biblical canonChristian theologyChristologyEcclesiology

Question 8: There are believed to be 1,000,000 or more members of the Churches of Christ in ________.
Scramble for AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfrican UnionAfrica

Question 9: Modern Churches of Christ have their historical roots in the ________, which was a converging of Christians across denominational lines in search of a return to a hypothesized original, "pre-denominational" Christianity.
Restoration MovementSecond Great AwakeningProtestant ReformationRestorationism (Christian primitivism)

Question 10: Refusal to hold to any formalized ________ or statements of faith, preferring instead a reliance on the Bible alone for doctrine and practice;[8]:103[9]:238,240[10]:123
CatholicismCreedBiblical canonChristianity


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