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Question 1: The Rotunda and the Edicule's exterior were rebuilt in 1809–1810 by architect Komminos of Mytilene in the then current Ottoman ________ style.
Western art historyBaroqueRenaissanceMannerism

Question 2: The rebuilt church site was taken from the Fatimids (who had recently taken it from the Abassids) by the knights of the ________ on 15 July 1099.
Second CrusadeFirst CrusadeCrusadesNorwegian Crusade

Question 3: It is believed that Al-Hakim "was aggrieved by the scale of the ________ pilgrimage to Jerusalem, which was caused specially by the annual miracle of the Holy Fire within the Sepulchre.
Liturgical yearEasterJesusComputus

Question 4: [17] In addition the Byzantines, while releasing 5,000 Muslim prisoners, made demands for the restoration of other churches destroyed by Al-Hakim and the re-establishment of a ________ in Jerusalem.
PopePatriarchCatholic Church hierarchyEast–West Schism

Question 5: In 630, Emperor ________ marched triumphantly into Jerusalem and restored the True Cross to the rebuilt Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Maurice (emperor)Justinian IHeracliusManuel I Komnenos

Question 6: Chapel of Mary Magdalene - The chapel indicates the place where ________ met Jesus after his resurrection.
Mary MagdaleneNew TestamentMarthaSaint Peter

Question 7: Helena leads down to the Roman Catholic Chapel of the Invention of the Holy Cross believed to be the place where the ________ was found.
Orthodox ChurchEarly ChristianityTrue CrossByzantine Empire

Question 8: In 1192, ________ assigned responsibility for it to two neighboring Muslim families.
ShirkuhTuran-ShahAyyubid dynastySaladin

Question 9: [18] As a concession, the mosque in ________ was re-opened and sermons were to be pronounced in az-Zahir's name.
Byzantine navyHagia SophiaConstantinopleByzantine Empire

Question 10: The Joudeh were entrusted with the key, and the ________, who had been the custodians of the church since the days of Caliph Omar in 637, retained the position of keeping the door.
United Arab EmiratesNusseibehAbu DhabiJerusalem


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