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Chucky (Child's Play): Quiz


Question 1: His evil laugh can be heard during promos of the 1998 ________ PPV.
Fall BrawlSuperBrawlHalloween HavocThe Great American Bash

Question 2: Chucky made a cameo appearance via satellite during an episode of ________, promoting Bride of Chucky.
Hulk HoganMonday Night WarsEddie GuerreroWCW Monday Nitro

Question 3: Slappy the Dummy, a well-known antagonist from the Goosebumps series by ________.
Stephen KingNickelodeon (TV channel)Columbus, OhioR. L. Stine

Question 4: Tiffany sews Chucky back together and summons Ray's soul from ________ to reunite with his body.
Intermediate stateHeavenHellAfterlife

Question 5: Chucky appears in the Robot Chicken episode "Plastic Buffet" voiced by ________.
Mark HamillBatman: The Animated SeriesThe Batman (TV series)The New Batman Adventures

Question 6: A Yuppie-style couple with no children of their own who have often fostered children, Mildred and George Simpson (________ and Gerrit Graham), agree to foster Andy until his mother is able to look after him again.
Joanna MilesPamela Brown (actress)Gail FisherJenny Agutter

Question 7: Most recently, Devil's Due Publishing have started an eponymous series which will include a ________ crossover.
2004Hack/SlashCassie HackBUMP (comics)

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