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Chronology of Jesus: Quiz


Question 1: The Chronology of Jesus depicts the attempt to establish a historical chronology for the events of the life of ________ depicted in the four canonical gospels (which allude to various dates for several events).
JesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeNew TestamentApostle (Christian)

Question 2: At least as early as 354 AD, Jesus' birth was celebrated on December 25 in ________, according to Chronography of 354.

Question 3: In the ________, it is stated that Jesus was "about 30 years old" [19] when he was baptised by John the Baptist but this doesn't help much because of the vagueness of the expression and the uncertainty about his date of birth.
Gospel of JohnGospel of MatthewGospel of MarkGospel of Luke

Question 4: Epiphanius of ________ was won over to it, as were also the other three patriarchs, Theophilus of Alexandria, John II of Jerusalem, Flavian I of Antioch.

Question 5: However, the Armenians, at least those within the Byzantine pale, adopted it for about thirty years, but finally abandoned it together with the decrees of ________ early in the 8th century.
IstanbulChalcedonEast–West SchismConstantinople

Question 6: The only sources of information on Jesus' birth are the gospels of Matthew and Luke of the ________.
Christianity and JudaismBibleNevi'imBiblical canon

Question 7: Jesus' ministry lasted around one year, according to the Synoptic Gospels,[citation needed] or three years according to the ________;[4]
Gospel of JohnGospel of MatthewNew TestamentGospel of Mark

Question 8: Furthermore, in order to kill Jesus and eliminate him as a rival king, Herod orders the "________" — the killing of all male children in Bethlehem aged two years and under.
Mary (mother of Jesus)Flight into EgyptNativity of JesusMassacre of the Innocents

Question 9: Another fact to be considered is Luke's statement that ________'s ministry began in the fifteenth year of the reign of emperor Tiberius (Luke 3:1-2).
Zechariah (priest)Yahya ibn ZakariyyaJohn the BaptistJesus

Question 10: Others set it on the 24th or 25th of Pharmuthi (19th or ________).
January 1April 20March 4December 25


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