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Chromosome 6 (human): Quiz


Question 1: Chromosome 6 is one of the 23 pairs of ________ in humans.
KaryotypeAutosomeChromosomal translocationChromosome

Question 2: ________, HLA-DR, DQA1 & DQB1
Graves' diseaseAutoimmune polyendocrine syndromeAutoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1Diabetes mellitus type 1

Question 3: ________, HLA-DQA1 & DQB1
Crohn's diseaseCoeliac diseaseAutoimmune hepatitisMalabsorption

Question 4: Mungall AJ ________ (2003).
List of Latin phrases: CList of Latin phrases: AList of Latin phrases: EList of Latin phrases (full)

Question 5: Chromosome 6 spans more than 170 million base pairs (the building material of ________) and represents between 5.5 and 6% of the total DNA in cells.

Question 6: Identifying ________ on each chromosome is an active area of genetic research.

Question 7: It contains the ________, which contains over 100 genes related to the immune response, and plays a vital role in organ transplantation.
PhagocyteNatural killer cellMajor histocompatibility complexImmune system


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