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Question 1: Hexavalent chromium is also one of the substances whose use is restricted by the European ________.
Restriction of Hazardous Substances DirectiveTinMercury (element)Electronic waste

Question 2: [37] Chromium(IV) oxide (CrO2) is a ________ compound.
ElectromagnetismMagnetic momentMagnetismMagnetic field

Question 3: The second process includes the direct binding of chromium(V), produced by reduction in the cell, and chromium(IV) compounds to the ________.

Question 4: Nineteen radioisotopes have been characterized with the most stable being 50Cr with a ________ of (more than) 1.8 × 1017 years, and 51Cr with a half-life of 27.7 days.
Nuclear fissionCosmic rayRadioactive decayHalf-life

Question 5: Because of the excellent high temperature properties of these nickel superalloys, they are used in jet engines and ________ in lieu of common structural materials.
Diesel enginePower-to-weight ratioInternal combustion engineGas turbine

Question 6: During the 1800s, chromium was primarily used as a component of paints and in ________ salts.
RawhideTanningLeather skirtLeather

Question 7: Chromium is a member of the ________, in group 6.
Periodic tableActinoidNoble gasTransition metal

Question 8: Hemolysis, ________ and liver failure are the results of these damages.
Urinary systemEndocrine systemImmune systemKidney

Question 9: Chromium (pronounced /ˈkroʊmiəm/, KROH-mee-əm) is a chemical element which has the symbol Cr and ________ 24, first element in Group 6.
HafniumLanthanumPeriodic tableAtomic number

Question 10: Mn-Cr isotope ratios reinforce the evidence from 26Al and 107Pd for the early history of the ________.
EarthSunPlanetSolar System

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