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Christie suspension: Quiz


Question 1: Christie advocated the use of lightweight tanks with long range and high speed, designed to penetrate enemy lines and attack their ________ and logistics capabilities.
Civil engineeringCanalRoadInfrastructure

Question 2: In order to allow this, Christie used very large ________-rimmed road wheels, with no return rollers for the tracks.
Natural rubberPolymerLatexEngland

Question 3: The Christie suspension is a suspension system developed by American engineer ________ for his tank designs.
J. Walter ChristieT-34Cruiser tankCruiser Mk III

Question 4: However, the most famous Christie-based tanks, the Soviet ________ series and the T-34, used coil springs mounted vertically (on the BT) or at a slight angle from vertical (the T-34).
T-28BT tankT-35T-26 tank


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