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Christie's: Quiz


Question 1: In 2008, the Ink and wash painting of ________ drawn by Hisashi in 2005 was sold in the Christie's auction held in Hong Kong with a price of US$600,000.
Mobile Suit GundamGundam (mobile suit)Gundam modelGundam

Question 2: In 1987, during the Royal Albert Hall auction, Christie's famously auctioned off a ________ automobile for a world record price of £5.5 million.
Bugatti RoyaleBugatti Type 101Bugatti EB110Bugatti Veyron

Question 3: Numerous members of Sotheby's senior management were fired soon thereafter, and ________, the largest shareholder of Sotheby's at the time, took most of the blame; he and Dede Brooks (the COO) were given jail sentences.
MichiganA. Alfred TaubmanUnited StatesA&W Restaurants

Question 4: In 1998, Christie's in New York sold the famous ________ after the conclusion of a lawsuit in which its ownership was disputed.
Euclid's ElementsGreek mathematicsXenocratesArchimedes Palimpsest

Question 5: On 28 December 2008, the ________ reported that Pinault's debts left him "considering" the sale of Christie's and that a number of "private equity groups" were thought to be interested in its acquisition.
The Sunday TimesRupert MurdochThe TimesThe Sun (newspaper)

Question 6: Christie's was a public company, listed on the ________ from 1973 to 1999, after which it was taken into private ownership by Frenchman François Pinault.
London Stock ExchangePound sterlingUnited KingdomEngland

Question 7: The Christie's New York sign was created by ________ during the production of Something's Gotta Give for an exterior shot.
Nancy MeyersCharles ShyerLindsay LohanGoldie Hawn

Question 8: 24 May 2008, Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas by ________ was sold for a price of $80.4 million, the highest price ever for a Monet.
Claude MonetEdgar DegasPierre-Auguste RenoirImpressionism

Question 9: December 2006, The black dress worn by ________ in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's was sold for £467, 200 at Christie's South Kensington.
Ingrid BergmanElizabeth TaylorRosalind RussellAudrey Hepburn

Question 10: Christie's soon established a reputation as a leading auction house, and took advantage of London's new found status as the major centre of the international art trade after the ________.
National ConventionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench DirectoryFrench Revolution

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