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Christianization of Kievan Rus': Quiz


Question 1: In early 867, ________ of Constantinople announced to other Orthodox patriarchs that the Rus, baptised by his bishop, took to Christianity with particular enthusiasm.
Michael IIIOrthodox ChurchEast–West SchismPhotios I of Constantinople

Question 2: The Christianisation of Kievan Rus' firmly allied it with the ________.
Byzantine IconoclasmByzantine EmpireRoman EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 3: Either in 945 or 957, the ruling regent, Olga of Kiev, visited ________ with a certain priest, Gregory.
Byzantine navyByzantine EmpireConstantinopleHagia Sophia

Question 4: Of the ________ Bulgarians of the Volga the envoys reported there is no gladness among them; only sorrow and a great stench.

Question 5: In recompense for the evacuation of Chersonesos, Vladimir was promised the hand of the emperor's sister, ________.
Vladimir I of KievYaroslav I the WiseAgatha, wife of Edward the ExileFamily life and children of Vladimir I

Question 6: Returning to Kiev in triumph, Vladimir exhorted the residents of his capital to the ________ river for baptism.
Dnieper RiverSozhPripyat RiverDesna River

Question 7: In 987, the generals Bardas Sclerus and Bardas Phocas revolted against the Byzantine emperor ________.
Michael IIINikephoros IIJohn I TzimiskesBasil II

Question 8: The definitive Christianisation of Kiev dates from the late 980s (the year is disputed[2]), when Vladimir the Great was baptized at Chersonesos, proceeding to baptize his family and people in ________.

Question 9: The ________ of Kievan Rus'[1] took place in several stages.
ChristianizationByzantine EmpireGermanic ChristianityCrusades

Question 10: In 1988, the faithful of the ________ churches which have roots in the baptism of Kiev celebrated a millennium of Eastern Slavic Christianity.
Eastern ChristianityOrthodox ChurchCatholic ChurchEast–West Schism


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