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Christianity in the 5th century: Quiz


Question 1: ________ charged that this teaching of Nestorius implied that there had been in fact two Jesus Christs; one Christ was a man born of the virgin Mary and the other was divine and not born but also Jesus Christ.
Basil of CaesareaJohn ChrysostomAthanasius of AlexandriaCyril of Alexandria

Question 2: Those who disagreed with the findings of the Council of Chalcedon are today known as the ________.
Coptic Orthodox Church of AlexandriaCoptic historyArmenian Apostolic ChurchGreek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem

Question 3: Saint Jerome (c 347 – September 30, 420) is best known as the translator of the ________ from Greek and Hebrew into Latin.
Christianity and JudaismBibleBiblical canonNevi'im

Question 4: 431 Council of Ephesus, 3rd ecumenical, repudiated Nestorianism, decreed Mary the Mother of God, forbid any changes to Nicene Creed of 381, rejected by ________
Syriac ChristianitySyriac Orthodox ChurchAssyrian Church of the EastSaint Thomas Christians

Question 5: Some of these fathers, such as ________ and Athanasius, suffered exile, persecution, or martyrdom from heretical Byzantine Emperors.
John ChrysostomEast–West SchismEastern Catholic ChurchesByzantine Rite

Question 6: That a ________ would attribute his victory to the Christian God is a recurring motive since the Constantinian shift.
GermanyCommander-in-chiefNicolas SarkozyFrance

Question 7: Cyril is counted among the Church Fathers and the ________, and his reputation within the Christian world has resulted in his titles "Pillar of Faith" and "Seal of all the Fathers".
Timeline of ChristianityEast–West SchismHistory of the Catholic ChurchDoctor of the Church

Question 8: The Fourth Ecumenical Council at ________ in 451, confirming the authority already held by Constantinople, granted its archbishop jurisdiction over the three provinces mentioned by the First Council of Constantinople:
ChalcedonEast–West SchismIstanbulKadıköy

Question 9: Augustine, Gregory Nazianzus, Cyril of Jerusalem, Ambrose of Milan, ________, and others.
IrenaeusJeromeEucharistic theologies contrastedJustin Martyr

Question 10: In 498 (497 or 499 are also possible) he let himself be baptised in ________.
ReimsAy, MarneÉpernayChâlons-en-Champagne


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