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Christianity in the 3rd century: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Chronological list of saints in the 6th centuryChronological list of saints in the 4th centuryChronological list of saints in the 3rd centuryChronological list of saints in the 5th century

Question 2: ________ was the first to specifically leave the world and live in the desert as a monk.
ChristianityChristian monasticismAnthony the GreatOrthodox Church

Question 3: 235-238 ________, emperor of Rome, ends Christian schism in Rome by deporting Pope Pontian and Antipope Hippolytus to Sardinia where they soon die
Constantine IMaximinus I (Thrax)DiocletianMarcus Aurelius

Question 4: So, for instance, a good deal of the ________ literature can be read as an attempt to come to terms with Hellenistic culture.
GreeksGreeceGreek languageGreek diaspora

Question 5: In his Apologeticus, he was the first Latin author who qualified Christianity as the "vera religio", and systematically relegated the classical ________ religion and other accepted cults to the position of mere "superstitions".
Roman RepublicWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 6: For Origen, God was not Yahweh but the First Principle, and ________, the Logos, was subordinate to him.
ChristGospelJesusNew Testament

Question 7:
Christianity in the 3rd century, Messiah and Sermon on the Mount are all:
Early Christianity and Judaism 3rd century in religion 3rd-century Christianity 3rd century

Question 8: This early rejection of images, although never proclaimed by theologians, and the necessity to hide Christian practise from persecution, leaves us with few archaeological records regarding ________ and its evolution.
East–West SchismCrusadesBiblical canonEarly Christianity

Question 9: 300 - First Christians reported in Greater Khorasan; an estimated 10% of the world's population is now Christian; parts of the ________ are available in 10 different languages [27]
Biblical canonChristianity and JudaismBibleNevi'im

Question 10: 121) as a disciple of ________, who was said to be a disciple of Polycarp, and from the context of this passage it is supposed that he suggested that Hippolytus himself so styled himself.
JeromeJustin MartyrIrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrasted


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