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Christianity in the 19th century: Quiz


Question 1: In the west especially—at Cane Ridge, Kentucky and in Tennessee—the revival strengthened the Methodists and the ________ and introduced into America a new form of religious expression—the Scottish camp meeting.
EcumenismBaptistChristian denominationChristianity

Question 2: Unfortunately, en route to China, he died of ________.

Question 3: [2] These include ________ with 2.6 million members, Disciples of Christ with 800,000 members,[3] Restorationist beliefs are sometimes referred to as Christian primitivism (cf.
BaptismRestoration MovementChurches of ChristRestorationism (Christian primitivism)

Question 4: 1874 - Lord Radstock's first visit to ________, Russia, and the beginning of an evangelical awakening among the St.
MoscowBashkortostanSaint PetersburgLeningrad Oblast

Question 5: Steinhauer's missionary work had actually begun 15 years earlier in 1840 when he was assigned to Lac La Pluie to assist in translating, teaching and interpreting the Ojibwa and ________ languages.
Enoch Cree NationErmineskin Cree NationCreeFrog Lake, Alberta

Question 6: 1884 - David Torrance is sent by the Jewish Mission of the Free Church of Scotland as a medical missionary to ________
Israel1948 Arab–Israeli WarPalestineArab–Israeli conflict

Question 7: Religious communities live together under a common rule, reciting the Divine Office and celebrating the ________ daily.
EucharistSacramental breadEucharistic theologyTransubstantiation

Question 8: 1846 ________ received the first of 18 apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France.
Marian apparitionRosaryBernadette SoubirousLourdes apparitions

Question 9: Smith and Oliver Cowdery also said that the angels ________, Peter, James and John had visited them in 1829 and given them authority to reestablish the Church of Christ.
JesusJohn the BaptistZechariah (priest)Yahya ibn Zakariyya

Question 10: 1887 -The Hundred missionaries deployed in one year in China under the ________.
Hudson TaylorCharles Henry JuddJennie Faulding TaylorOMF International


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