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Christianity in the 11th century: Quiz


Question 1: For Gregory's more moderate successor, ________, a crusade would serve to reunite Christendom, bolster the Papacy, and perhaps bring the East under his control.
Pope Victor IIIPope Urban IIPope John Paul IIPope Gregory VII

Question 2: While the ________ was the most prominent example of European reactions against Muslim conquests, it is not the only such example.
ReconquistaInquisitionCrusadesSpanish Inquisition

Question 3: This was partly because of the ________, which had started around 1075 and was still on-going during the First Crusade.
Avignon PapacyCrusadesEast–West SchismInvestiture Controversy

Question 4: It began as a dispute in the 11th century between the ________ Henry IV, and Pope Gregory VII concerning who would appoint bishops (investiture).
Louis IV, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman EmperorCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman Empire

Question 5: The papacy of ________ had struggled with reservations about the doctrinal validity of a holy war and the shedding of blood for the Lord and had, with difficulty, resolved the question in favour of justified violence.
Pope John Paul IIPope Urban IIPope Callixtus IIPope Gregory VII

Question 6: 1012 Antipope Gregory VI, removed by ________
Henry III, Holy Roman EmperorHenry II, Holy Roman EmperorOtto III, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 7: the Pope) would have universal primacy in a reunited Christendom, as ________ without power of jurisdiction.
SwitzerlandCommonwealth realmPrimus inter paresBishop

Question 8: ________
History of the Catholic ChurchTimeline of the Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Pius XI

Question 9: There were doctrinal issues like the filioque clause and the authority of the ________ involved in the split, but these were exacerbated by cultural and linguistic differences between Latins and Greeks.
Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchPope

Question 10: Muslim rulers are known to have been in Kanem starting from sometime between 1081 to 1097, with reports of a Muslim prince at the head of ________ as early as 1009.


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