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Christianity and other religions: Quiz


Question 1: In both religions there are guardian ________, or fravashi, which are considered to be created beings and are distinct from the Energies of God or divine emanations.
JesusAngelArchangelMichael (archangel)

Question 2: However, since the Holocaust, much dialogue aimed at ________ has taken place, and relations have greatly improved.
Christian-Jewish reconciliationRelations between Catholicism and JudaismAntisemitismChristianity and Judaism

Question 3: Relations are generally good between both religions, except perhaps in ________.
South KoreaNorth KoreaSeoulKorean Peninsula

Question 4: In Western countries, ________ has influenced some Christian thinkers, while others in the anti-cult movement have reacted against the activities of immigrant gurus and their followers.
Adi ShankaraAdvaita VedantaHindu philosophyVedanta

Question 5: Christians however neither recognize the Qur'an as a genuine book of divine revelation, nor agree with its assessment of Jesus as a mere prophet, on par with ________, nor for that matter accept that Muhammad was a genuine prophet.

Question 6: ________ has a long history in Christianity (see Christianity and anti-Semitism), and indeed is far from dead (for example, in contemporary Russia).
The HolocaustJewsAntisemitismRacial antisemitism

Question 7: Other similarities include a virgin birth, the stories of Christ and Mithra as children being visited by shepherds, the ________, and the immortal soul.
God in ChristianityChristologyBiblical canonTrinity

Question 8: The question of whether traditional Chinese ancestor veneration, consists of worshipping a God or veneration of a saint was important to the Roman Catholic church during the ________ of the early 18th century.
Jesuit China missionsFrancis XavierChinese Rites controversyRoman Catholicism in China

Question 9: They believe in the divine knowledge and essence of ________, among other messengers such as Muhammad, Zoroaster, and Moses.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeNew TestamentGospelJesus

Question 10: In a look at ________'s relationship with other world religions, this article investigates the differences and similarities of Christianity to other religions.
ChristianityBaptistChristian denominationEcumenism

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