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Christian terrorism: Quiz


Question 1: Anti-Semitic Romanian Orthodox fascist movements in Romania, such as the Iron Guard and Lăncieri, were responsible for involvement in the Holocaust, Bucharest pogrom, and political murders during the ________.

Question 2: Christian views on abortion have been cited by Christian individuals and groups that are responsible for threats, assault, murder, and bombings against abortion clinics and doctors across the United States and ________.
CanadaBarbadosBelizeUnited Kingdom

Question 3: In 2010, a group called Repent Amarillo has terrorized ________, Texas, targeting groups they say don't match their definition of morality.
Laredo, TexasLubbock, TexasDallasAmarillo, Texas

Question 4: Padraic Pearse was a devoted believer of the Christian faith, a writer, and one of the leaders of the ________.
Patrick PearseEaster RisingLiam MellowsConstance Markiewicz

Question 5: ________, a far right ultra-nationalist political party and paramilitary organization, advocates an increased role for the Russian Orthodox Church according to its manifesto.
UkraineAlexander BarkashovRussian National UnityBoris Yeltsin

Question 6: Olympic Park bomber ________ stated that his actions were motivated in part by opposition to the "homosexual agenda".
Eric Robert RudolphCentennial Olympic Park bombingChristian terrorismNorth Carolina

Question 7: It has been associated with groups such as the ________, Aryan Republican Army, Army of God, Phineas Priesthood, and The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord.
Christian IdentityNeo-NazismAryan NationsKu Klux Klan

Question 8: [2] It is estimated that two thousand to possibly twenty-five thousand ________ (French Protestants) were killed by Catholic mobs, and it has been called "the worst of the century's religious massacres".
CrusadesProtestant ReformationHuguenotHuldrych Zwingli

Question 9: ________ newspaper attributed the murder of Martin O'Hagan, a former inmate of the Maze prison and a fearless reporter on crime and the paramilitaries, to the revival of religious fundamentalism.
The ObserverThe IndependentThe TimesThe Guardian

Question 10: It has been accused of murders, and several terrorist attacks including the bombing of the US Consulate in ________.
Nizhny TagilKamensk-UralskySerov (town)Yekaterinburg

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