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Christian naturism: Quiz


Question 1: With the beginning of the modern ________ in the mid-1990s, Christian Naturism became much more organized in the U.S.
E-mailInternetInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide Web

Question 2: [13] See also the article: ________.
NudityChristian naturismPublic nudityNaturism

Question 3: Christian naturists note there is no command in the Adam and Eve story, or elsewhere in the Bible, to wear ________.
WoolSilkDress codeClothing

Question 4: The queen's influence was legendary, even spreading to other areas of Europe and America, which were outside of the ________.
NauruBarbadosInformal EmpireBritish Empire

Question 5: Where people are suffering from the lack of food, ________, and shelter.
WoolSilkClothingDress code

Question 6: 1960   ________ transforms to all co-ed facilities and nude swimming ends; soon followed by the cessation of male nude swimming at U.S.
United StatesYMCACanadaEngland

Question 7: They can be found in almost all branches and denominations of Christianity, and find no conflict between the teachings of the ________ and living their lives and worshiping God without any clothing.
Christianity and JudaismNevi'imBibleBiblical canon

Question 8: Whether a member of the LDS Church can practice social nudity depends on how he or she interprets the Church's teachings about what comprises ________ and chaste behavior.
Indecent exposureModestyTopfreedomChristian naturism

Question 9: Some members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (colloquially known as "________" and abbreviated as LDS) practice naturism or nudism.
MormonJoseph Smith, Jr.Brigham YoungLatter Day Saint movement

Question 10: AD 204–270) was a major philosopher of the ancient world who is widely considered the founder of ________ (along with his teacher Ammonius Saccas).

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